What Is Coaching?  

Athletes know a coach is vital towards their success. The coach is responsible for teaching skills; developing practice plans; coming up with game strategies, setting goals; motivating players; and staying accountable.

Life coaching is not much different.  As your coach, my focus is on you and your success, using various methods, strategies, and motivations to help you attain peak performance, improve your leadership skills, and assist you in getting through life's transitions. I use a unique coaching process called Core Energy Coaching, which brings out your best by emotionally connecting your inner thoughts and feelings to your outer goals and strategies.

Examples of what coaching can do for you include:

  • Quieting any negative self-talk, doubt, and second guessing, allowing you to trust solely in your skills and abilities and to stay in the moment
  • Increasing your confidence and your decision-making abilities
  • Creating an awareness of how your thoughts and actions affect you and those around you, enabling you to become a better leader and maintain effective personal relationships
  • Teaching you how your perceptions, beliefs, and attitude affect your energy levels
  • Smoothing the transition from one level of play/life to the next
  • Relieving any stress coming from all the demands facing athletes and coaches
  • Helping an athlete transition successfully through an injury
  • Improving performance on and off the field with better time management skills and priority setting
  • Bringing out one's best by creating win-win scenarios
Coaching focuses on actions and solutions.  It's a unique partnership where we'll work together to help you create the life you want.  It is completely confidential, nonjudgmental, and provides support, guidance, accountability, and major opportunities for growth.  Coaching just works!

In addition, having been a NCAA Division I coach, I understand the inner-workings of the recruiting process.  I'm available to provide assistance to make sure the transition to that next level goes smoothly and optimal results are obtained.

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Mandy Roczniak, MS, ATC, CPC, ELI-MP
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