August 10, 2012  Performance Improved!!!!  
I used to get very frustrated with a bad shot while playing golf, to the point my entire game would be ruined. It was uncomfortable for the people I played with, and it just wasn't enjoyable. Then I went through the coaches training, in which we must look at ourselves if we can ever understand what we're asking of a client.  It changed my life and YES, improved my golf game.  Here I am holding the trophy of a 1-day tournament.  My focus was on the process of the game, taking it one shot at a time, being in the moment, and letting the outcome take care of itself.  I didn't even know I had won until I was handed the trophy, which made it even sweeter.  You too can improve performance and get even more enjoyment out of your sport and life. Please contact  me to if you want to begin taking charge of your thoughts and actions, and being creating the life you want.  Be the Champion of Your Life!!!


It's official, starting my new position and masters degree n the fall. Can't thank Mandy Roczniak enough..always bailed me out during college and still helping her favorite New Jersey player (even though she told me she's done taking kids from NJ lol). #bestCollegeCoachEver

Thank you for helping me out this summer, I am very grateful for the fact that you were actually honest with me about what I need to improve on. It was great to have someone be realistic with me and help me out so much after knowing me for such a short period of time. VT, South Windsor, CT

Mandy's style of coaching is easy and subtle, with the perfect amount of humor and wit. Without batting an eye, she makes you think deeply and find your answers in such a way that is so clever, often you don't even see it coming! I've never left a session with Mandy without a profound insight into what's happening inside of me, and how I can change it! CJ, Haddam, CT

We are grateful for what you have done for our daughter.  She has matured in so many ways and headed in the right way to graduate!! And the integrity you have shown is really what college sports should be and you have demonstrated this beyond expectations.  The "life" long lessons you have taught will produce its greatest fruits in the years to come for her.  Our words can't express the gratitude for everything you have done for our daughter and the entire team. Parent of player

Thank you for teaching me everything about playing at the Division One level and all the important things that don't include the game.  Thank you for taking me on as a walk-on and treating me as the the rest, it truly means a lot.  And thank you for all the guidance and putting all you had into the team and all the extra things you didn't have to do.  You're the most caring coach I have had yet. KG, New Haven, CT

Coach Mandy's impact on the field was very influential, but we learned the most from her off the field.  She focused on teaching us life-lessons, doing what she could to help us "get it" so we would be successful in life.  She never cut corners or made us choose between school and softball.  With Coach, it was always about school and life first, because that's what would matter most. KK, Washington

You are always prepared and I have learned from not only your words, but your actions.  You taught me it can be fun and serious at the same time.  I know what I have learned will help me in my future. JG, Southington, CT

Coach Mandy gives 110% and has unbounded commitment. MA,Cromwell, CT

I could never thank you enough for all that you have done for me.  You are not only a great coach, you also have a beautiful heart.  I feel lucky to have a coach who cares as much as you do. AH, New York

She has been a coach, friend, and mentor.  Mandy has always carried herself in a way that shows a positive personality and exceptional work ethic.  I feel fortunate to have had her as my coach. KA, Manchester, CT

Mandy Roczniak, MS, ATC, CPC, ELI-MP
phone: 860-295-7407