The Rising Star Program

Being a Rising Star is more than moving onto the next level.  It’s about developing your inner greatness to bring out your best self so you can create options for your future.  Using my experience, knowledge, and resources from being a college coach, I help student-athletes and their parents, navigate the recruiting process from a proactive, informed, and empowered position.  My unique abilities, perspectives, and tools put you in control of your future.

This is not a “recruiting service.” This is designed as a multifaceted process that guides you towards planning and preparing for the future you want, and then making realistic and sound choices for your educational and athletic future.

Program Objectives

  • Assess your leadership abilities with my unique on-line assessment, evaluating how well you are leading yourself and how your perceptions, beliefs, and attitude affect everything you do.
  • Evaluate and establish your goals and create an action plan.
  • Educate you on the academic requirements to play in college, which your guidance counselor and coaches may not know, ensuring you get you on the right path before it’s too late.
  • Evaluate your travel team, tournament & showcase play.  Are you getting the exposure you need to be seen by the coaches you want OR are you wasting valuable time and money?
  • Evaluate which level of play best suits your talents, your intended major, and your desires from the college experience.
  • Dispel the myths and learn the real rules to scholarships. Following the money may not always be the best choice
  • Coach and prepare you on the big picture of playing at the next level, preparing for the transition from high school to college; personal, academic, and athletic issues.
  • Evaluate and educate you on communication skills; phone calls, emails, social media exposure, and letters.
  • Prepare you for campus visits and conversations with coaches and post visit review.
  • Complete and review the “ideal College” Mind-map and college choice spreadsheet that I use that helps facilitate the final decision. 
  • Review and determine if there are financial strategies that will increase opportunities for financial - aid awards.
  • Review and prepare the necessary legal documentation every college freshman needs, but few have.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - Learn about yourself in ways that will stay with you and carry you far past the college selection process.

Program Advantages

  • Student-Athlete Engagement – The student-athlete is an active participant in the process and has a voice, motivating the student-athlete to fully participate.
  • Professional Guidance – With 20 years of experience in college athletics across all 3 Divisions (coached in Div. 1, 2, and 3) I have hands-on experience and knowledge that is often lacking in high school counselors, coaches, and travel coaches. Including financial reviews and legal documents every college student needs, but few have.
  • Reduce excessive expenditures – Playing a sport should be fun, life lesson learning, and an opportunity for future experiences. It should not be seen as an investment, because there are no guarantees. Picking the right course of action and college in the long run avoids unnecessary or excessive costs, like overspending on travel teams, showcases, recruiting services, being at the wrong school and needing to transfer, or burning out and no longer wanting to play.

This is not a cookie cutter program.  This is an individualized, comprehensive program that can be structured for individual players, teams, or schools.  Generally the structure would be periodic consultations based on where you are in your development and school year, ideally eighth grade and up; one to one sessions, team sessions, or seminar format.

This is all about your college education and making the best choices for your future.  Choosing a college is the biggest decision you will have to make up to this point in your life, and could possibly be the biggest financial decision in your life next to buying a home.  It is worth taking the time to make the most informed decision you can and make sure that it is in your hands and not someone else’s.

More Information

To ask any questions or for more information please complete the contact form to the right.  This program can be individualized; from one session all the way to multiple sessions spread out over your high school development.  One to one, team sessions, or seminar programs.

Please contact me to discuss your individualized package and pricing.  Together we will plan what is right for you.

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